...And now it's 2011

Any time you live and work in a place, you get to know its rhythm and people quite well. Knowing this, I have come to the conclusion that Berkeley is really like no other place on earth. The civility, kindness and liberal nature of its inhabitants, most of which are educated at one of the top universities in the world, is astounding.

Their civility is evident in the way they hesitate thoughtfully at the line of trash cans in any eatery. The way they take the extra moment to ensure that the paper, plastic, compost, glass, etc. is properly sorted. They have an unspoken understanding of the impact of this small gesture.

Their kindness is in this beautiful box of apples left for hungry passersby with "take-away" bags nailed to the fence above for easy transport. A cardboard sign indicates the variety (Anders) and welcomes anyone tall enough to reach to help themselves to more.

It is hard to believe that I've lived for over a year now in Berkeley. That I've walked to my office in the picturesque little 1900's home each day for 18 months.
But I can feel a change. I am certain that this year 2011 will bring some changes: a move, a job, a less-cluttered existence. Brilliant.

City and Colour: The Girl

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  1. Beautiful post Ms. Kim! Glad to see that you are back to blogging. I look forward to reading more of your "life snippets" throughout the coming months. I'm your biggest fan!!! Love love love the photo!