A Cultural Experience

I promised to share with you my inspirations & I just discovered a gem:
Not your average travel publication.

Neil Schwartz, the Editor and Founder says it best on Pology.com:
"In a time where representations of the world are fed to us through polarized lenses, traveling has become of supreme importance. Traveling can remind us that in any situation there are multiple and often conflicting truths. Traveling can humble us, and remind us of how little we know. Immersion in a new culture can force us to see a beauty in the world that all too easily gets lost in the routine of the mundane."
Schwartz has created an online publication fed by international submissions that open the viewer's eyes to cultures and people spanning the globe. Through beautiful photo essays and eloquent, rhythmic speech, the submissions on pology.com resonate within me and I feel as if I can visit these places I've longed to go without leaving my apartment. And he has pioneered the entire effort since 2005 with no money exchanged, just the goal of opening the readers' eyes to the humbling truth of total immersion.

Gone in the Morning: Newton Faulkner


  1. What an incredible find! Thanks for sharing this website. The imagery and writing feels like National Graphic meets Travel & Leisure. Love it!

  2. come back... write more... we miss you!