Chrissy Bee

I came across a clothing boutique in San Francisco last June, 
it was glorious. 
The young woman who owned the shop was glowing, she seemed as if there was nowhere in the world she would rather be. She handpicked the merchandise & the selection itself was to die for. She had dainty, handmade jewelry made of pounded silver and charms. She had dresses that seemed to float in on the breeze from an era long forgotten. She traveled across the country to gather her handmade wares and she displayed them with pride. She hosted art galleries in her small space and it became a hub for local artists who wanted a relaxed atmosphere to share their art.

She asked if I wanted to be added to the mailing list and I poured over the e-mails she sent for the mere beauty of her selections. 

I learned in an e-mail just after Christmas that, with sadness, she would be closing her shop. I can only imagine it's due to the state of the economy; at the bottom of her e-mail she bid all an insightful reminder to "shop locally."


  1. My wish is for the owner of Chrissy Bee to see the "homage" paid her in your piece. I think she would feel like she achieved her goal of awareness in her community.

  2. I think a lot of people are just not aware of small businesses. They just go to Wal-Mart out of habbit, but they could enjoy much cooler places like this boutique. Good article. -C. Brown