There's a children's book called "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie," I'm sure you've heard of it, but it's about a mischievous little mouse who convinces a young boy of a whole string of things that he needs to go with the cookie the boy was kind enough to share. His list of requests goes from milk to a mirror to a trim of his hair to a box of crayons to draw with. 

I get this way when I find a new book... 

Once I find the next book to lose myself in, I will need a quirky, independent cafe with a comfy chair and good music to sit at while I read. I will also need to have an extra hot cappuccino in hand and a couple snacks to munch on (a variety of salty and sweet is preferred). I will need a sharp pencil for marking off good quotes, interesting facts and well-composed sentences. It's also helpful to have a friend or two convinced to read the same book (for people to discuss with of course). 

So it's probably no surprise that I have a list of my favorite independent cafes and coffeeshops...

  • Northstar Cafe :: State St. Santa Barbara 
  • Java Jones :: State St. Santa Barbara
  • Coffee Cat :: Anacapa St. Santa Barbara
  • Muddy Waters :: E. Haley. Santa Barbara
  • Aroma Cafe :: Tujunga. Studio City
  • Beanscene :: Lindero. Thousand Oaks
  • Doan's Bakery :: Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills
  • Muddhouse Coffee :: Roscoe. San Fernando Valley  
  • Les Artisans :: Avenue Daumesnil. Paris
  • Les Arts :: Rue Mouffetard. Paris
.....A work in progress

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