PARIS...The Place Where My Life Began

I was almost killed while taking this photo. 

There was a mass of traffic screeching toward me from behind, horns blaring, bikes swerving, I hardly noticed and I didn't care. It was the first time I saw the street so clear, the sky so crisp and the colors so vibrant. I had to capture this moment that represents my love affair with Paris.

I lived on this street. And by lived I mean lived. It was a different kind of living than I had ever done before, there wasn't a moment left untouched.

Odds are good that I will eventually share hundreds of pictures from my life in Paris. It was one of the more amazing periods of my life. It was a time of discovery & independence, vivacity & eagerness and I probably grew more during these six months than I had grown in my entire 20 years of life.

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  1. Hey Kimberlee, looks like your just getting started on this blog, but I just wanted to say that you have some good writing skills -- keep up the good work. --C. Taylor Brown